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She doesn't provide milk and even though she and her mom says she's alright her behaviour and bruises tell completely other story.

Stay in school kids. Go check for yourself. Nude telugu actors. Marina joyce naked. Is this how anyone acts? Even though he's a piece of shit. She says this a lot. I can't help feeling something fucked is going on. The damage has been done, she needs to get clean and get medicated. I wouldn't share my personal problems with millions of people. It's only a few weeks, according to OP, so I doubt you're going to see her teeth falling out or anything serious. Huge mature milf. Perhaps people are mistaking lazy eye as her looking off camera… Point being: But judge for yourself.

Marina has a sad history of unfortunate events — there was a sexual abuse issue with YouTuber Sam Pepperand her friends have tweeted that she has a drug problem. As someone who's on drugs even right now I can see and accept it in her, But this video alone has kept me hooked for 6 hrs.

Did anyone see that? Just said a whole lot of nothing. You'd think at least one person would just go "she's abusing drugs but we're all there for her" or something? She does have access to her twitter and youtube. People are bringing up the fact that apparently there's a gun in one of her videos? She does not look comfortable in the photo.

This shit is getting outrageous. This is just gaining more and more attention. Fast forward 4 months. Haven't you been on the internet long enough to know this is fake? Didn't recognize her because she used to always have her hair in that "scene kid" style and raccoon eyes. Some seem legit, others seem like a bit of a reach, and some are just plain creepy.

Often, we find ourselves in front of a sort of low-relief polychrome sculpture where the paint is sometimes more than an inch thick. It's painfully obvious that this chick is just acting 'crazy' for more views and attention. She has a super delayed reaction which could be another sign of drugs, and then instantly snaps into being happy and excited for the camera. Emmanuelle beart nude photos. The Daily Star provides. Surely if so, then she would be editing in which case this apparent abuser would also see her uploads and call her out to fix the footage and re-upload or delete the content flat out.

They look like your generic "health shop" bottles. Follow Gurl, Pretty Please!

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Let's hear it for conner, the ISIS ghost. Take the internet away from her. Best big natural tits pornstars. Then suddenly she gets nervous and moves to the left, as if whoever is behind the camera is telling her to move.

Also have you considered the possibility that she could be acting strange just for attention? She's just a raver with underlying schizophrenia that took waaaaay too much LSD, triggering psychosis. Isis ghosts move fast. Marina joyce naked. Smashed my hip, actually full on smashed it while running past, the edge of a chest of drawers five days ago and the bruise is only just fading, and that killed.

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This is a mass paranoia case. Anything became fair game, even a random red mark on her dress that some people are convinced is blood: Hopefully she gets the mental health help she needs. Even in her videos she looks fine, just annoying and wide-eyed. I guess that's the video he meant: Honestly, I'm not getting the whole kidnapping vibe. Sexy lesbian gifs tumblr. Mostly likely she was handled roughly one time at a rave recently and it left the bruises you see in the latest video.

She has no hope. Hopefully her Livestream that just happened kills that horrible theory, but here it is to give you nightmares: Who the fuck likes this shit?! The damage has been done, she needs to get clean and get medicated.

This week Willam gets a back alley fashion show from Joey Graceffaa peek inside nudist campa beauty tutorial on lashes that would make Tammy Faye Baker proud, and a little lesson about Christianity and boobies from Trisha Paytas! The presence of this model was a necessity for him. Why not issue any sort of statement other then a vague "she's fine". The video makes no sense as a whole.

This is extremely weird. The way she kicks off the interview with "I have over 1 million subscribers now and I'm SO happy!!! I think you might be right about the BSDM part.

The abuser theory is fucking scary. Imagine being so vulnerable and already confused about the world and now you have thousands of people globally hounding you. This is the only logical conclusion. Nude in delhi. I feel like when she gets well again she will be embarrassed by her behavior that's now forever online.

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