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So I officially pulled off the best April's fool's joke in Lincoln's history lol.

Before my site was even up 2 people had sent me stuff how cool is that. I instantly fell in love with it and told Melissa someday I was going to buy one just like it for my house. Hot nude snapchat girls. The pictures turned out so good it took me forever to find the ones for the main page haha. Val midwest naked. For 2 weeks this set was on my website before anyone said anything.

Yes I know it's black and white but I got to decide and that's what I picked. I wish I could be a cop in Lincoln, Nebraska so all I had to worry about was arresting 19 year old girls for possibly showing there boobs in public.

I got on cam live and shot my update for my site at the same time. Tony asked specifically that his toy be used in the bath tub so of course your wish is my command. I will be locked up for a few more weeks still unfortunately. Everyone's talking about my site but I'm just there to party so I get on the dance floor and do my thing! Strip Fishing with Charlie.

If you ever wanted to know what it was like in jail well here you go. Missy monroe tits. The name to add is: I started out being what they call a "real model" lol but it was too damn boring. If you live anywhere near Lincoln this is a must event for you. He said he was ok with me being naked and actually apologized for all the fake Catholics out there that were attacking me. They took off 15 days because of good time. If only I could figure out how to make him come to life like in Frosty the Snowman.

As you will see in my video we had a major malfunction when one of them blew up right next to me. Thank you so much Melissa I won't let you down! Thanks to my girls who helped me make Frosty it took us almost 2 hours but it was well worth it. Man so many things go into these shows it's crazy you can't just turn on the computer and go.

I think I pulled it off ok but I guess you guys will be the judge of that one. The cop who testified Officer Russ Fosler said he accidently came across them lol. I leave on Friday and will be in Vegas for a 2 weeks getting to meet all the famous porn stars.

Now onto jail, I did get sentenced to 45 days in jail but I am out right now. Great news, not only did I add my sledding video and picture set to the members area I also added another full picture set and video just because I love you guys so much! We will have free prizes and giveaways all weekend long. I have so much stuff I think I will use it for this update and maybe next week's showing off my church stuff lol.

Current students, ex students and even faculty did this to her.

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Melissa decided to do some shoots at my house and I picked the laundry room first. Happy New Years and we hope to see all of you soon!!! We now have 3 strip clubs and I am doing all the training of the new girls. Stuart weitzman nude. Funny how every other place doesn't give a shit lol. Ok now onto my Hustler Magazine yay: I know how much you guys love my videos, so I'm going to spoil you by giving you a longer 60 second clip of my live webcam show!

So today was a very fun day! Before my site was even up 2 people had sent me stuff how cool is that. Oh and hey just so you know yes this is my room wow it's the first time I have shot for my site on my bed but I am sure it won't be the last. This is just a small taste of what's to come, can't wait for my visit to the courthouse.

It will be our toughest game of the year so I had to do a special update just for them. So my first ever live cam show was awesome but the lighting wasn't quite perfect on the pictures so I decided to use my second one with my St.

However, Dodds said she won't stop there. Above you will see the picture of the guy Andy Sebade who set the party up and was the leader of everything that happen to me and he should be arrested. Well in my case take your clothes off and put a toy in your pussy but who's keeping track lol.

The school tried to attack her when they first found out she was doing a nude website. Xx fuck girl. Val midwest naked. I love what I do! According to a City of Lincoln government website outlining offenses against public decency"It is the intent of the City to prohibit the exploitation of human nudity for the purpose of advertising, selling, or otherwise promoting the economic interests of any type of business enterprise. I want to thank all of you for helping to make this possible for me.

Val Midwestboobstoplessfan Model: You might have assumed that since she was born and raised in Nebraska, Val Midwest is a farm girl but nope, she never got her hands dirty, so to speakā€¦but for a photoshoot on her own website ahd got called up by a friend and asked to head to the farm so of course she said yes!

It's ok though Russell always takes good care of me, he knows just where to put his paws if you know what I mean lol. We got close to pictures for you so lots to look at in my members section. Hanna B Nude on the Hill. She said she saw hundreds of people with cameras and camcorders at the game and nobody stopped them and she said lots of girls had swim suit tops on at the game as well but they didn't get stopped and held.

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Wait, is that kissing? I also had a guy riding a horse come up only in Nebraska and he let me ride it naked. Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!

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